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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you I pay my bill online?

A. You can pay your bill through the link on the logged in homepage or use the link here. Online Payments.

Q. How do you change your personal information?

A. Mark the information as 'Incorrect" and a staff member will assist you in updating it at your next visit.

Q.How do you confirm an appointment?

A. Go to the appointment tab, click on the appointment, and press “Confirm” button. When the appointment is confirmed the green button will turn to a blue bar and say confirmed.


Q. What is the difference between the Faculty Group Practice (FGP) and the Teaching Practice (TP)?

A.The Faculty Group Practice at the Harvard Dental Center is a multi-specialty group dental practice and an integral part of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Located in the heart of Boston's Longwood Medical Area, it offers consumers quality dental care delivered by faculty of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Harvard faculty members teach and conduct state-of-the art research in addition to providing the highest quality dental care.


The Teaching Practice of the Harvard Dental Center is a modern dental facility dedicated to patient oral health. Dental care is affordable because faculty-supervised student dentists provide treatment. There are two options within the Teaching Practice:


1) Pre-Doctoral Teaching Practice: Third and fourth year dental students provide care under the supervision of experienced faculty members. The students perform both general dentistry and specialized procedures


2) Advanced Graduate Teaching Practice: Graduate dentists who are in specialty training provide care. These dentists are training to become Endodontists, Periodontists, Orthodontists, Prosthodontists, and Implant Specialists. The Advanced General Dentistry Program provides general dental care.


Q.How do I find out how much it will cost for me to receive dental care at the Harvard Dental Center?

A.The Dental Center has two practices. The cost of your care depends on which practice you are a patient of and the treatment plan you choose. The Teaching Practice care is provided by our students under the direct supervision of our teaching doctors. A reduced fee is offered for our patients in this practice. The Faculty Group Practice fees are similar to those of other multi-specialty group dental practices in the greater Boston area.


Q. How do I change my password?

A. Go to the Personal Information tab. There you can change your Username and Password.


Q. How do I request a copy of my patient records?

A. Please contact the office of Clinical Operations at 617 432-1434 to obtain a request form or download the form here. Please note that it will take up to 14 days to process requests for a copy of patient records.


Q. What do I do if I notice that my medical information is incorrect?

A. Make sure to click "Mark as Incorrect" then speak to your provider at your next visit and they will be able to make the changes for you.


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